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Wild Rose + Mint Soap


Brand Northlore Goods

The seasonally fleeting appearance of the aromatic wild rose, followed by its fruitful transformation into the wholesome rosehip is cause for a soap tribute if we’ve ever seen one. Northern folklore claims that this flower and its heart-shaped petals represent trust, courage, and love. We have tempered this fiercest of flowers with the soothing, earthy scent of the domesticated peppermint plant, endeared to the ancients for counteracting the effect of sea-serpent stings, invigorating the skin and scalp, and fashioning into crowns worn at feasts. This pairing of scents is stimulating to both mind and body, and contains notes of freshly chopped herbs, sweet tea, and conjures the air of misty trails while the addition of rosehip powder gives this bar some gentle grit to its lather, perfect for mild, daily exfoliation. 

*Northlore’s bar soaps are made with a select blend of oils that we infuse from new moon to new moon with wild-crafted, homegrown, and organically sourced skin-nourishing botanicals. This is not a vegan soap. We take the animal fat that is a byproduct from local, small-scale organic farming, and render it by hand to achieve a pure white, odourless tallow that crafts a traditionally superior, and sustainable bar of soap. 


Organic tallow, organic coconut oil, water, pure olive oil, calendula flower extract, lye, organic beeswax, balsam fir needle oil, spirulina maxima powder