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Sweet Birch Bark Soap


Brand Northlore Goods

The birch tree was once prodigiously used to craft some of our favourite northern pleasures: canoes, writing paper, baskets, and beer. The oil from birch bark has historically been respected for its healing qualities, and tends to sore muscles, eases respiration, and is said to banish fear in favour of calm. We have mixed the pure essential oil from this beguiling White Lady with activated charcoal powder to craft a powerfully cleansing and mildly exfoliating black bar of soap. The charcoal draws and absorbs impurities from skin while producing a rich, dark lather. Friend to bike mechanics, cooks, vegetable gardeners, and the like, this bar will cleanse you from the residue of whatever task you have at hand and will intrigue your senses with notes of wintergreen, licorice, and root beer.

*Northlore’s bar soaps are made with a select blend of oils that we infuse from new moon to new moon with wild-crafted, homegrown, and organically sourced skin-nourishing botanicals. This is not a vegan soap. We take the animal fat that is a byproduct from local, small-scale organic farming, and render it by hand to achieve a pure white, odourless tallow that crafts a traditionally superior, and sustainable bar of soap. 


Organic tallow, organic coconut oil, water, pure olive oil, calendula flower extract, lye, organic beeswax, sweet birch oil, activated charcoal powder

 4 oz