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House of Good JuJu - Abundance Manifesting Candle


Brand House of Good JuJu

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Infused with Citrine and Pyrite

Manifest Prosperity, Success, Luck, and Abundance!

Created with powerful intent, this Abundance Manifesting Candle is made with Soy Wax, Cinnamon Oil , Almond Oil, Patchouli Oil, and Sandalwood Oil. Calendula Flower Petals, Cinnamon, Citrine and Pyrite chips are added to Bring Abundance, Draw Success, Good Fortune, Luck, and Prosperity into your life. Citrine (Stone Of Abundance. Attracts Wealth, Success, And Prosperity. Very Happy Stone. Raises Self-Esteem And Brings Joy. Warming and Energizing. Cleanses And Regenerates!) Pyrite ( Attracts Wealth and Abundance. Omits a Very Optimistic Energy) The Candles were created under a Waxing Moon with all the Magickal properties to encourage Opportunity, Money, Success, Good Fortune, Luck, and Harmony in your life. Each Candle was consecrated with a Blessing and Sacred Mantra.

The Law of Attraction is working each time you burn them. It increases the magnetic energy field around you which then attracts Abundance and Prosperity into your life. “The Power of Intention" is undeniable!

The Candle comes in a 6 oz. tin with a lid. The tins are footed on the bottom to allow airflow under the tin to protect your burning surface. The tins have a varnish coat on the inside to protect candle against discoloration due to oils and tin reaction. Average burn time is 40 hours.